What is an animated background? An animated background is an image (or graphic design) which changes from one color to another periodically, usually to demonstrate a creative concept or to change the overall image or feel of the website. This is one of the most basic ways to make an online store look unique. It is often used in conjunction with other designs to create a more user-friendly experience. On this blog you will find many examples of animated backgrounds ranging from this

Have you ever wanted an animated background to use as your desktop background? An animated background can easily be created on Blur by simply following these 3 simple steps. The background image that shows up when you’re using Blur is called an `animated gif` and it can be edited by anyone using any image editor software. The background can be used for many different reasons including creating a design that looks as though it was hand-drawn (by hand) or painted by an expert artist. It can also be used by businesses to create an attractive and appealing background to their online store. 

Nothing says “I care about fashion like an animated background” and nothing shows your store like a television with the shop window blank. animated backgrounds have taken over the internet, giving your store a unique look and feel whether you know it or not. They have a wide range of uses from creating Facebook backgrounds, to creating thumbnails for blog posts. These backgrounds are great for your shop just as much as they are for Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other online store. 

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