It’s almost Halloween and I’m sure you are all excited to decorate your homes! Here are the top 50 Halloween decorations available on Amazon!

  1. Twinkle Star 4FT Halloween Decorations Black Spooky Tree – This spooky tree creates a scary effect for trick or treaters and guests. You can also bend the branches for a more natural effect. Buy it on Amazon:
  2. Funpeny Halloween Foam RIP Tombstones – With this tombstone, you can create a horrific atmosphere to your garden! It’s made of high quality foam, waterproof, reusable and easy to store.Buy it on Amazon:
  3. Fake Spider with Triangular Huge Spider Web – This fake spider will totally freak out trick or treaters and guests! It’s looks so real and you can even bend the legs for a more natural look. Buy it Amazon:
  4. Lighted Witch Hats – These Halloween witch hats are made of knitted fabric which makelights inside the hat look like twinkling little stars from the outside. Buy it on Amazon:
  5. Black Tree Battery Powered – This cute bonsai tree can actually be used for other holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Just swap the ornaments and you can even use it everyday. Cool huh? Buy it on Amazon:
  6. Wicked Witch Legs – Super weird but it look so cool! Imagine displaying this by your door? Trick or treaters and guests would definitely freak out! Buy it on Amazon:
  7. Ghost Hanging Decorations with LED Light-up Eyes – Okay this is super creepy and it adds mystery to your home. You can hang it on corners or even in front of your door. Unsuspecting guests and trick or treaters would definitely love it. Buy it on Amazon:
  8. Blood Bag for Drink – These bags are perfect for filling soda, jello, juice, alcohol. You can use this for halloween, cosplaying and even for other events! Buy it on Amazon:
  9. Spider Decorations Sets – We can never get enough of spider decoration sets. It’s better to buy a set so you can decorate your whole house to give the spooky feel all throughout. Buy it on Amazon:
  10. Plates and Napkins Set for Halloween – I mean c’mon, the party won’t be complete without plates and napkins set. Kick your party up a notch by staying within the halloween theme. Buy it on Amazon:
  11. Full Body Halloween Skeleton with Movable Joints – Okay this is super spooky! I’m sure you would freak out if you see this displayed someone else’s patio. This is a must-have! Buy it on Amazon:
  12. Halloween Bats Decor – Halloween won’t be complete without bats! These bat decors looks so real and I’m sure guest and trick or treaters will love it. Buy it on Amazon:
  13.  Cocoon Corpse – Okay this totally freaked me out when I saw this! This is a must have! It creates that horrific effect! Buy it on Amazon:
  14. Orange Fairy String Lights – I can’t get enough of fairy lights! What I love this product is that you can use it for other holidays. Talk about multipurpose lights. Buy it on Amazon:
  15. Tree Wrap Ghost Decoration – This is sooo adorable! It probably won’t spook guests or trick or treaters but it is a nice addition to your halloween theme! Buy it on Amazon:
  16. 3D Changing Face Moving Picture Frame Portrait Horror Decoration  – This has got to be the scariest decoration ever! I definitely wouldn’t want to see this at night. LOL! I was so freaked out when I saw this! Buy it on Amazon:
  17. Light up Rings for Kids – You can totally use this as treats for a change instead of giving away chocolates! Kids will love these! Buy it on Amazon:
  18. Giant Bloody Window Posters Window Clings Party Decoration Haunted House Door Cover – Another creepy halloween decor! It would totally freak anyone out. It’s a great addition to any scary halloween party! Buy it on Amazon:
  19. Halloween Cupcake Topper – These toppers are sooo cute! If you love to bake, buy these toppers to elevate your halloween party! Buy it on Amazon:
  20. Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle Scarf  – This creates a perfect halloween ambiance! This would be perfect you halloween theme party! Buy it on Amazon:
  21. Artificial Black Pumpkins – If you want creepier pumpkins then this is a must buy! It’s also artificial so it will never go bad and you can keep reusing this every halloween. Buy it on Amazon:
  22. Flameless Flickering Candles Battery Operated – These flameless candles are so adorable. The halloween design makes it so interesting! It will definitely add some spooky flair! Buy it on Amazon:
  23. Vintage Halloween Throw Pillow Covers – If you love elevating your home decors, then this will definitely suit your taste! It might not be as scary but it will sure make your home feel like halloween! Buy it on Amazon:
  24. 5 ft Pose-N-Stay Life Size Skeleton Full Body Realistic Human Bones with Posable Joints – You can display inside or outside your home! It literally is the same size as a regular human being and it will surely scare trick or treaters and guests! Buy it on Amazon:
  25. Haunted Doll with Sound – Definitely the creepiest of them all! I am 100% sure anyone will be creeped out by this doll! Buy it on Amazon:

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